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“Sometimes a conference comes along that hits the trifecta – hot topic, high-caliber attendees, and stellar location. The first Chief Digital Officer Summit reached that mark with ease, and I look forward to attending the next one.”

Eric Hellweg

Managing Director, Digital Strategy/Editorial Director

Harvard Business Review

“The best-organized conference I’ve been to in years, the Chief Digital Officer Summit was packed with smart people and smart ideas. Leave ‘em wanting more is what they say, and David Mathison and his team delivered. Now, we want more!”

Sree Sreenivasan

Chief Digital Officer

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Congratulations and thanks to David Mathison for spotting the need for community and collaboration in the growing Chief Digital Officer space, and for having the wherewithal, network, and organizational talent to put together such a top-notch event in its inaugural year. Next year’s summit should be even more of a must-do for anyone working digital at senior levels in all kinds of businesses.”

Teddy Goff

Digital Director

President Barack Obama 2008 and 2012

Thanks to David Mathison for his leadership in setting up the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. It was nice to be among my digital colleagues and to share our experiences.”

Albert Cheng

Executive Vice-President and Chief Product Officer, Digital Media

Disney ABC Television Group

“David, here’s a handy C^3 test for conference value: Did I learn at least three new perspectives? Check. Did I meet at least three interesting people? Check. Did I take back at least three relevant pieces of news I can use? Check. Flying colors for the Chief Digital Officer Summit 2013! Thank you so much, and yes, I’d be very pleased to participate next year!”

Perry Hewitt

Chief Digital Officer

Harvard University

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was a very relevant topic for today’s times. I was impressed by the caliber and diversity of the panel speakers, all of whom had something unique and valuable to offer. A great opportunity to learn from the best.”

Amanda Jones-Orengo


Towers Watson

“Congratulations on the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. Rarely does a conference offer such high caliber content and attendees. Kudos to David Mathison on creating an event that sparked such great insights and conversation.”

Linda Perry-Lube

Chief Digital Officer

RF | Binder

“I just wanted to say thank you for hosting such a wonderful event and inviting me to participate. To see shared and divergent challenges across industry verticals was truly enlightening.”

Angela Wei

Chief Digital Officer

Arnold NY

“Congratulations on the tremendous success of the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. It was, in a word, fantastic. Outstanding content, engaging conversations and great networking — truly one of the better conferences that I’ve ever attended. The event did more than just explore the current and future reality of the Chief Digital Officer role, it delved into the impact that digital is having across multiple industries. The quality of both content and attendees delivered tremendous insight — both strategic and tactical — on paths to success in a digital world.”

Mayer Danzig

Chief Digital Officer

Kantar Retail

“I was thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking event. Never have I seen in one place a collection of Chief Digital Officers and other senior executives in this fairly new and unique role. It was great to meet one another and learn of the innovations going on at other companies.”

Rosemary Maggiore


Rachael Ray Digital

“Congratulations on an absolutely fantastic inaugural Chief Digital Officer conference. Between the incredibly smart agenda (from start to finish), the very insightful and highly relevant research/content, the all-star lineup of speakers, and David Mathison’s terrific moderation of the panels and schedule overall, this was one really amazing day! It must be gratifying to know that all of your hard work over the last 18 months resulted in such a successful outcome and greatly appreciated by everyone in attendance. Thanks for a great day!!!”

Riley McDonough

SVP/GM Reuters Consumer Media

Thomson Reuters

“Great conference, David Mathison! The topics were relevant, the panelists and speakers top notch, the setting was intimate, and the connections were truly valuable for any senior executive in the digital space. Thanks for pulling it together. I really look forward to attending next year.”

Lisa Choi Owens


Scripps Networks

“Congratulations on an exceptional first CDO Summit. I truly enjoyed all the panel discussions as well as the intimate environment where I was able to meet such amazing people. The conversations were very enlightening and touched on all the challenges my team and I face on a technology, content, and culture front. I look forward to participating next year.”

Laxmi Wordham

Chief Digital Officer

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

“I want to thank David Mathison and congratulate his team on what was an exceptional inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. The speakers, content, attendees and overall experience was phenomenal. I have attended countless conferences/summits all over the planet – and this was truly world-class. Well done!”

Janet Scardino

Digital Media Executive

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was engaging as much as it was informative. Bringing these incredible leaders together in one place and for one day speaks to David Mathison’s extensive network, his ability to understand the needs of his clients, and to be ahead of the curve in this important space. It was a great use of my time, and I learned more than I ever thought I would. Great networking as well!”

Sandy Soto

VP Executive Talent Acquisition


“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was one of the best run, smartest, and most informative conferences I’ve ever attended. David Mathison may be on the verge of becoming the Marvin Miller of the digital media space, taking a wide field of stars and helping them evolve as superstars. It is a pivotal moment in the sophistication and recognition of Digital executives as the future leaders and CEOs in our culture.”

Dan Beck


Dan Beck Enterprises, LLC

“Congratulations to David Mathison and his team on the simply amazing job they did on the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. Probably the most informative, insightful, on target, entertaining, collaborative, thought provoking, and inspiring conferences I have ever attended. I learned more about my business and what I do in the past 12 hours than I have from any research white paper, articles or blogs over the past 12 months. The range of topics and speakers assembled were incredibly diverse, informative, collaborative, and most of all, inspiring. It has invigorated me to be the best possible professional CDO I can be. David Mathison’s skills as a moderator were impeccable, bringing out the best of the speakers and keeping the conversation flowing. His intimate and insightful knowledge of this space is only out-shined by his humility and graciousness. Kudos to David and his organizing team.”

Mark Keys

Vice President, Client Solutions

Moving Interactive

“It was wonderful to attend this inaugural event. The Chief Digital Officer Summit exceeded my expectations and fostered an atmosphere where the right conversations were taking place with the right people. A huge thank you to David Mathison for putting together what will become a staple event in the international digital space.”

Rob Gordon IV

Chief Digital Officer

America's Promise Alliance

“Thank you, David Mathison for a fantastic Chief Digital Officer Summit. It was awesome to meet all of these leading digital thinkers who really care about, and often dramatically improve, their large organisations’ core business. Yes, I think the CDO deals with the new business core in most companies!”

Ola Tiverman

Chief Executive Officer

Admeta (Gothenburg, Sweden)

“Congratulations to David Mathison for putting together a unique conference that focuses on the role of the Chief Digital Officer in corporate America, already the key driver of growth in most companies today. It was a pleasure putting together the Music panel, and hearing the perspectives of all the participants during the day.”

Dick Wingate


Digital Entertainment Ventures

“The inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit exceeded my expectations. CDO’s from multiple industries discussed top-level strategy, from what tasks CDO’s handle themselves, to optimal reporting structures, skill sets, and educational & vocational backgrounds. When everyone is asking “what does a CDO do?” and you can hear first-hand their responses and challenges, this Summit was time well spent. I am looking forward to the next one!”

Paul Stefunek

Chairman & Founding Partner

Paul-lawrence associates

“David Mathison did a great job with the inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit. The summit had a fantastic lineup of speakers and equally high-quality audience, making it one of the must-attend event in the digital world.”

Tristan Louis



“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was outstanding. Why? Candid panels with top players in the digital community. Splendid break-time conversations. And, savvy facilitation, Mathison Style.”

Margaret Molloy

Chief Marketing Officer


“If you are a CDO, you just can’t miss the Chief Digital Officer Summit. I was amazed at the exceptional level of attendees, especially considering that it was the first edition. The cream of the cream was there and that high level of executives allowed me to establish several important contacts which have developed into two new avenues of digital growth at hair wigs market that we are actively working on. Inspirational cases from CDOs in other industries was the icing on the cake. I can’t wait to attend the second edition. Thanks David”

Fernando Samaniego

Chief Digital Officer and Advisor

Board at GFR Media

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was the single best investment of my time and our company’s resources in the past year. High quality, high impact content delivered by the executives who are shaping their respective industries in a remarkably well organized and networking-friendly format.”

Rana DiOrio

Founder & CEO

Little Pickle Press, Inc.

“Your inaugural Chief Digital Officer Summit was nothing short of awesome! From start to finish it was content-rich and cutting-edge. All the attendees shared best practices, and the keynoters and panelists provided wonderful morsels of learning. Everyone was so collaborative and respectful – which is the hallmark of a successful, high-end event. You had a room full of powerful, dynamic personalities, yet they all pulled together to establish – with a deep sense of reverence – the role of the CDO in various organizations. Kudos to you!”

Robert Stack

Fame Coach

“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was a special topic with special speakers and attendees. But most importantly it was you, David, with your personal commitment who made this event an outstanding one. Thank you for it!”

Jörg Malang

Former Chief Product Officer


“The Chief Digital Officer Summit was one of those rare conferences that was so engaging the audience fixated on the speakers, rather than on multitasking.”

Jason Seiken

Senior Vice President/General Manager

PBS Digital

“Congratulations to David Mathison, curator of the Chief Digital Officer Summit. It was an amazing day spent listening to some of the greatest minds across a wide spectrum of the digital media universe share their expertise. Chadick Ellig was proud to be a sponsor of this inaugural summit, and we look forward to the next event!”

Janice Ellig

Chief Executive Officer

Chadick Ellig

“Congratulations and thank you for an amazing Chief Digital Officer Summit. Coming all the way from Sweden, one might understand that our expectations were set skyhigh, yet curator David Mathison exceeded those by miles. Very well organized, great attendees and great location – please promise to invite us next time David!”

Alexander Edström

Chief Revenue Officer

Admeta (Gothenburg, Sweden)

“A hearty congratulations to David Mathison for creating and flawlessly executing the first Chief Digital Officer Summit! Great discussion topics, terrific speakers, and equally impressive attendees. Felt good to be in a room where using your smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop was encouraged — even while people were speaking.”

Scott Singer

Managing Director

Discover Digital Group

“Exciting talks on Data Science in an unique business atmosphere. It was an inspiring CDO Summit in London. Many thanks to David Mathison and everyone involved making this great platform possible.”

Hendrik Stange

Senior Data Scientist/ Manager

Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS

“Congratulations to you and your team for a great inaugural U.K. CDO Summit yesterday. I’m still digesting all the gobbets of information!”

Edward Qualtrough

CIO UK online editor


“The U.K. CDO summit was a very informative and jam packed day. Your team was extremely helpful and welcoming. Social media and the hashtag #CDOSummitUk was very hot that day – great social media engagement by all!”

Michelle Beer

Founder/Chief Marketing Consultant

Ferry Cake Marketing & PR Consultancy