The Chief Digital Officer Takes Centre Stage

June 19, 2014: “The Chief Digital Officer Talent Map 2013 , published by CDO Club, reveals:
• In 2005 the first CDO was appointed; in 2013 there were 488 CDOs worldwide; by 2014 forecasts suggest there will be 1,000 – 1,500 CDOs worldwide, see Exhibit 2;
• Since the beginning of 2013,190 new Chief Digital Officers have been hired globally;
• More than 75 CDOs have been hired across Western and Eastern Europe;
• In Australia, 45 percent of business leaders in Australia have a CDO; and
• Out of the 36 percent of CDOs who moved on to new roles in 2013, 77 percent moved into a c-suite position, either CEO, President, MD or board director.”